RISERS NET  inspires, motivates and provides all the tools for experienced professionals to spread their wings and fly to entrepreneurial dreamland


Managers in local companies

Tech people

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Romanian Professionals

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Experienced professionals can have a great understanding of their industry and a clear view of the market gaps. They also have a special motivation to succeed and a greater network of business resources to turn to. 

Available data confirm that mature founders have a much better success rate with their start-ups than the younger ones. All they need is a bit of perspective (entrepreneurial approach vs corporate way) and a little help for stepping out of their comfort zone.

RISERS NET will provide you with both.


We’ll bring a significant number of new mentors, speakers, and trainers from LONDON & other strong European startup ecosystems.

It’s part of the “bring fresh air” approach.

It will reinforce our connection with the international start-up scene, both in terms of relationships and knowledge.

For Romania, this is a fresh approach towards early-stage ventures.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Training

Fireside chats

Soft-skills Training


Start-up Building Training

Mentor sessions


Ramona Diana Palcus

I have participated to the very first RisersNet Meetup on 14 March 2018 at Commons Unirii. I liked very much the energy that I felt during this event, the professional team, the team story and even if I was after 8 hours at work and busy with the day to day tasks and felling that I don't have time for anything, I ended full of energy, motivated, positive, with the feeling that if the team succeeded I can succeed also . It was like breathing fresh air and the discussions challenged me to think outside the box and maybe to see the future different than in a corporate environment. The event has accomplished the mission to inspire trust to the participants and the idea that they are not alone if they want to start a business.

Ramona Diana Palcus Project Manager IBM