RISERS NET  is the community built around experienced professionals who want to start a new business and are looking for teammates and a starting point

Who is this for

Managers in local companies

Tech people

Product Managers

Romanian Professionals

Marketing & sales people

Operational experts

How are we doing this

We’ll bring a significant number of new mentors, speakers, and trainers from LONDON & other strong European startup ecosystems. Our personal network is one of the biggest assets, besides first-hand expertise and hard built experience.

It’s part of the “bring fresh air” approach. It will reinforce our connection with the international start-up scene, both in terms of relationships and knowledge.

For Romania, this is a fresh approach towards early-stage ventures.

Why are we different

Experienced professionals can have a great understanding of their industry and a clear view of the market gaps. They also have a special motivation to succeed and a greater network of business resources to turn to. 

Available data confirm that mature founders have a much better success rate with their start-ups than the younger ones. All they need is a bit of perspective (entrepreneurial approach vs corporate way) and a little help for stepping out of their comfort zone.

RISERS NET will provide you with both.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Training

Fireside chats

Soft-skills Training


Start-up Building Training

Mentor sessions


The best way I spent my life, professionally speaking, was finding new ideas together with my team and shaping those ideas up. And I did this in several environments, sometimes more successful, sometimes less, but never without success. Experimenting always means novelty, new ideas. Experimenting is a way of life and most often I found applied by entrepreneurs - these perpetual explorers of the business environment. Today more than ever, reading and discussing of multinational companies, we realize that they are the product of the idea, the experiment, the novelty of their times. The biggest of these companies appeared during my life. Today everything is speeding up, so there is no time to lose: follow your ideas! And RisersNet is the community where you can do it most effectively because it's a community designed for people like you.

Dragos Dinu CEO at Tiriac Holdings