Nothing is more important in life than to be able to start again.
Nothing is more important when starting something than the timing.
Nothing is more important in choosing the right time than to start right now.

Here, at RISERS NET, we believe there’s huge potential for experienced professionals to lead the way in building successful, globally-minded start-ups sprung out of Romania. We just need to create the right context for this potential to get real.

When it comes to building a business, youth is overrated. No disrespect to teenagers and “twenty-somethings” – the motivated ones are more than welcome at RISERS – but the fact is that experienced people are better at building up a business.

Most of them just don’t know it, yet.

Maybe YOU don’t know it, yet.

That’s our job. Convince you, the veteran professionals, that you could and should do it.

Start again. Get to finally build something out of your own ideas.

It’s our job to make you, the “veterans”, dig up the courage, the energy, the curiosity.

It’s our job to help you blow up the labels of „weary”, „tired”, „unenthusiastic”, „bored”. “Old”. They’re just labels. People don’t get weary of doing things they like, they just get sick of working for wrong bosses or tired ideas. All they need is the right perspective.

Looking at the world today, do you think there will be a better time to start a business project of your own, with a team of your choice? The profound, global changes going on as we write this are unprecedented. Opportunities (and the mirroring risks) appear everywhere, everyday. The only time when mankind was in such uncertainty and fervor about what the future holds was in the ‘60s (that’s half a century ago).

Again, technology is changing everything – but RISERS NET is not (just) about writing code or creating another online platform. It’s about putting to full use all you are. It’s about creating fresh teams out of experienced individuals. It’s about creating new beginnings for men and women who’ve been through some good times but mainly through hard times, in a country that failed, again and again, to achieve its potential, for a whole century. Yes, we’re talking about Romania. It’s time to change this old story, too.

Let’s get something straight: there’s no guarantee of success. Not in life, not in business, not in the start-up world. We all know that. But real courage comes from people who are afraid. (No fear whatsoever means just a lack of awareness.) We ourselves, the project team, are afraid of failing to build the critical-mass community we know it’s entirely possible, dearly needed and thoroughly wanted by our generations.

But we owe it to us and you owe it to yourselves to give it a try.

Let’s rise to the occasion, together.

Cause we are RISERS!