riser, risers ris·er \ˈrī-zər\

1: one that rises (as from sleep)
2: the upright member between two stair treads
3: a stage platform on which performers are placed for greater visibility
4: a vertical pipe (as for water or gas); a vertical portion of an electric wiring system
5: one of the straps that connects a parachutist’s harness with the shroud lines

Source: The Merriam-Webster dictionary

RISERS NET is a startup-founder community built around experienced professionals trying to build their own business.  Still, young people with great energy and a fresh vision will be very welcome.

Our job as the executive team, is to bring them energy, work with them on building their entrepreneurial mindset, help them discover complementary founders (peers or from younger generations).

We are people that made “the jump” from employees to self-employed or entrepreneurs  at various stages in our life (with one welcome exception – the youngest of us).



Bring fresh air – new mentors, people that really achieved something, new / better tools (knowledge & system).

Diversity – partners and mentors should cover a broad range of competencies (tech and non-tech) and should be able to empathize with the huge array of personalities to be usually found in such communities.

Let’s not reinvent the wheel – Partnerships with established entities from the start-up ecosystem (not overlapping efforts / spending redundancies).