What & Why Path

We are building the first startup community in Romania dedicated to experienced professionals who want to build their own startup.

We think that there are thousands of people out there with strong professional experience, who need a new life path and/or desire a much stronger reason for getting out of bed everyday.

We believe this is a huge untapped entrepreneurial potential.

Managers in local companies looking for a fresh start on their own.
Tech people misunderstood and underused by their employers.
Product managers experienced in creating global products and with a good vision, execution and leadership skillset.
Romanian professionals working in large companies abroad, looking for a chance to start something at home, including remote projects.
Marketing & sales people with great knowledge of business domains looking for a purpose.
Operational experts stuck in unprofitable routines.

Also, “the usual suspects” of the start-up scene, namely young people with great energy and a fresh vision, will be very welcome at RISERS NET.

All these people may belong to three main categories:

  • people with a business idea, looking for team members and other resources
  • people with energy, skills & knowledge, looking to join a startup team
  • people with resources looking for teams to join or to support a startup

We’ll create a context in which any individual from these categories can find what he/she is looking for.